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As most of you may or may not know, a devastating bushfire has swept through Victoria, Australia - which is where I live. It has left a trail of heartbreak and death in its wake. Australia needs all the help we can get during such a difficult time.

image made by thenightflower

Official death toll is over 200 now and still rising. Over 5000 people are now homeless with over 800 homes destroyed. Fires are still burning and other towns are still in danger. Please help however you can, no matter how small.

Donate to the Bushfire Appeal through the Australian Red Cross or Salvation Army, either by phone or online. You don't have to live in Australia to donate, international aid is more than welcome.

Also, don't forget the animals, donate to Wildlife Victoria and RSPCA Victoria as well as Animal Aid who are working endlessly around the clock to save the millions of pets, stock and wildlife that are now seriously injured and homeless from the devastating fires. Also consider the hundreds of horses which are now homeless or horribly burnt and injured, if you have any means of donating feed or offering agistment - or even any sort of veterinary skills, etc, consider registering to assist or make a financial donation to TripleR Equine Welfare. They have set up a temporary relief shelter at Bendigo Showgrounds, so if you are in the area, Ascot Saddlery in Flemington is also accepting donation of all kinds, from tack to feed to just about whatever you can spare and it will all go towards the horses.

If you are in Australia, perhaps consider donating blood which is desperately needed for hundreds of injured people. Or if there is a Salvos or St Vincents in your local area, drop by with whatever you can spare, from toiletries to underwear to sanitary pads and tampons to pet food... every little bit counts and is greatly appreciated.

For a million other ways to help, click here to see how you can lend a hand during this time of tragedy for Australia.
Ways To Help
Ways To Help Comprehensive Links Revised

All the flags have been flying at half-mast. It's absolutely heartbreaking. I haven't been able to contact my previous employer and good friend, who took me to Gippsland to ride and drive his gorgeous Clydesdale horses. I can only hope that those dear animals are safe and made it through the fires. There have been so many horror stories. Very lucky most of my other friends who lived near the fire zones were safe.
The nearest fire to me was Yarra Glen - which really isn't that far at all - and my entire area was covered in a foreboding, restless fog all day long which had me quite worried. It was so hot and dry and just... a fidgety feeling was in the air all day long. I constantly kept my dog wet and cool, with plenty of ice cubes and kept my eye on the dark smoke surrounding the area. It was very scary. And now reality has hit and everywhere there are people crying and mourning and even our PM is breaking down while addressing the nation.

God bless you all.
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