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Good grief, it's been over an entire year since I updated this journal! I'm terrible. Blame a massive massive MASSIVE art slump (which lasted over a year, apparently) and lack of motivation. Also, I've been trying to find a job with not much success unfortunately. But I'm slowly getting back into the drawing side of things, so ugh, fingers crossed.

As mentioned, I'm quite broke and unemployed. Will draw for $$$!! For some reason my website has dissapeared (TT___TT) so I have to get a new one up and running. Which is no good because my HTML proficiency is pretty much limited to Bold and Italic. I'm not even sure I know what the html tag for underline is. *smacks self*
But anyways, yes, open for commission. Anybody? Feed me? @__@
Rates are going at USD$30 for a coloured piece, $25 for an inked piece and $18 for pencil drawing. *shamelessly begs*
Drop me an email at dominique871[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested! My tummy thanks you in advance.

Oh, right, arts. Where do I even begin?!

Paid commissions for vermilionraine (hope she likes it!)

I quite like this despite the horribly inaccurate facial proportions, lol! First time experimenting with watercolour technique, hopefully I get to play around more with this style in the future. =]

For angelalex242

This was planned to be quite epic but then I cast it to one side and forgot aaall about it until yesterday. As it is, pretty darn incomplete. T__T I am so messy and lazy. Forgive me, Alex!

Just some random doodles... the one of Sophie down below was from the wonderful Keramago and I just redrew it myself to try out the new style. And then I tried drawing it with Aerith... LOL EPIC FAIL. Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep.

???? I don't even know. Randomly found it in my HDD, probably incomplete WIP from years ago! I'm so lazy... =_=

Recently I was trying my hand to create some t-shirts design for a horse clothing company.. they haven't gotten back to me yet, but this is my fav out of all I did. Would you wear a t-shirt with this on it? First time using Illustrator too, what a headache!

Really old Orihime fanart from Tegaki... long time ago. I don't know if it's a repost xD;

Also a really old old old WIP for my Deviantart kiriban... god I haven't been on deviantart since forever! I have a feeling this will never be complete. Those must be the crappiest chrysanthemum flowers on the face of the universe!

Dragon rawrrr~ old assignment for Uni.

Another gem I found when clearing out my HDD! I guess it's the rough beginnings of a rough Cleris doujin??? As you can see I only doodled two pages... I don't know what was supposed to happen after that - for the life of me I cannot remember! *smacks self again*
Ahhh... it's so messy I don't even know what to say... read from right to left.

Old doodle?

This one is more fairly recent. My OC, long abandoned. Forgive me, Yui!! T__T

Another messy piece of @#^@&^#. I think Yui is somewhere in there. And a horse. Hrmm...

That's all for now. Urrrggghhh I need to get back from my slump. Sorry it was so long. Hope you enjoyed it!

And remember...
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