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Need practise - taking requests!

URRAAAGGGHH I haven't CGed in forever!!! Man, I can feel my hands turning to rust.

Oh, Happy New Year btw. =) Y hello thar LiveJournal, haven't updated you in a lifetime~! Hello there my LJ friends! I hope I haven't been cast into a dusty corner of your cupboard and forgotten. xD

Anyway, because I haven't CGed anything in so long, I feel like I really should practise some colouring over my holidays when I have time. Therefore, I am taking art requests!! =) For free, yes.

So you get a free CGed (digitally coloured) artwork and I get to brush up on my skillz. Fair deal? I'll probably just do fanart for now, because original characters would take me longer and I really don't have that sort of time at the moment, unfortunately. (unless you want to order a paid commission, then welcome welcome o great one!)

*ahem* Anyways.

Fandoms I'm willing to draw:
Final Fantasy (no FF11, FF12 and FF13)
Kingdom Hearts I & II (no Organization XIII plz, I have no idea what they look like)
Star Ocean 3 (main characters only)
Xenogears (Fei & Elly only)
One Piece
Ouran High School Host Club
Sailormoon (Lol)
King of Fighters
Bleach (main characters only)
Full Metal Panic
Azumanga Daioh
Fushigi Yuugi (LOL)
Howl's Moving Castle
Naruto (main characters only)
Rurouni Kenshin
Parfait Tic
Harry Potter
Disney Classics (ie Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty etc)
Yuyu Hakusho
Get Backers (main characters only)

I may have missed out on some fandoms, so just comment and I'll see if I can do it, otherwise just pick one from the list. I may be quite out-of-date with some mangas so forgive me if I can't draw any characters you might want to request.

Feel free to request any number of characters you want, any pose you want. The more complicated, the better!!! Even if you want an artwork of a pairing I don't ship, I'll do it. However I will decide the size of the drawing and the colour scheme, unless you definitely want a certain colour scheme, then I'm fine with doing as you so request. =) Bear in mind the base sketches might be messy, depending on my mood and time spent on it, but the colouring will be done to the best of my efforts. I may or may not try out different styles of colouring (after all, this is practise!) so what you get might differ from the colouring style of someone else's.

In short :
- only one request per person
- any character(s)
- any pose
- any background
- size will be determined by me (unless otherwise requested)
- colour scheme will be determined by me (unless otherwise requested)
- sketches may be messy
- colouring styles may differ from picture to picture
- there will be no set date for completion of artwork
- the quality of the artwork may be...err...not very satisfactory depending on my mood xD;;

Just leave a comment with what you want and I'll get down to it in my free time. =) I'll try to work quickly, but please don't blame me if I take too long! Time, oh time. And yet I need this practise! Ah, I know my work leaves much to be desired but everyone needs to improve, yus!

I'm doing this for a short time only, I'll probably close this off once I feel there's enough requests made.

Please help out this struggling wannabe artist and request something! <3 Will be muchly appreciated. Much loves!!!
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